Crackerjack Games is an independent game studio with a focus on handcrafting Cracking mobile games. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia our vision is to provide immersive experiences for casual players.

Mutt Runners for iOS is launching worldwide on 1st of September, 2016!


We take an iterative approach to game development by building our games in ‘modules’ in order to give our players the best experience. Deploying mechanics in modules allows us to get granular feedback and data from our community. This is used to juice the maximum amount of fun out of each module, highlighting our community first mentality.


Community First: Player experience is our obsession. We listen to our players and analyse how they play. This feedback loop shapes our game development decisions. Perseverance: We pride ourselves on our ability to persevere through challenges while maintaining laser focus on executing our vision. Continuous improvement: Our games are a service first and a product second, so players can engage with them for months and years to come.

Richard Rouse

Managing Director


Tom Abrahams

Design Director



Software Engineer


Damian Borg

Art Director

What Our Players Are Saying

“Best game ever”
-Guest_13344 & Dilligaf2u88
“The new version is great… Keep up the good work! Ooooo!! Got my first 100% stat dog yesterday! Just need 100% speed n enduro and ima breed the perfect dog :)”
“This is a great game i haven’t played games for a while this is definitely my most played game on my phone!!”
“Mutt runners is the best dog game that i have ever played on iphone it is awesome.”
“Eleven thumbs up. Great game, totally addictive. Highly recomended for some simple yet rewarding game. 5/5 stars”
“I love this game!!!!!!! Magnificent”
-Flame Phantom
“Best game. I am addicted!!!”
“Awesome game :)”
“I love this game!”
“The Game mutt runners is the best”