Introducing Saikala

Introducing Saikala: User Acquisition Advisor

By Richard Rouse |October 15, 2015

Source: We are stoked to announce the addition of Saikala Sultanova as an advisor to the Crackerjack team. Saikala joins Crackerjack to help our games reach the largest and most relevant global audience. Biography Saikala is recognised by Google Developers as a Marketing Expert. She is a Lead User Acquisition Expert at Space Ape Games, … Continue reading Introducing Saikala: User Acquisition Advisor →
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Blueprint Module 8 (Part 3 of 3)

By Tom Abrahams |September 1, 2015

Our third part of Module 8 is Crafting. Now Mutt Runners has loot! EPIC LOOT! Collect Jewels of different shapes and colours, then match them to Sockets in Collars. There are tons of different Jewel combinations and all of them affect stats in a different way. Equip them on your Mutts and make them even more powerful. … Continue reading Blueprint Module 8 (Part 3 of 3) →
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Blueprint Module 8 (Part 2 of 3)

By Tom Abrahams |

For the second part of Module 8, we will be looking at is Breeding. Ever got a Mutt and felt “wow those stats are great but I wish it was a Bulldog”? Well now you can, enter breeding! Breeding allows the parents to pass down their stats and looks! Ordinarily, breeding by yourself only yields … Continue reading Blueprint Module 8 (Part 2 of 3) →
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Blueprint Module 8 (Part 1 of 3)

By Tom Abrahams |

Module 8 comes in three parts the first we will look at is none other than PvP. Ever get that feeling you were just destined for greatness? Look no further! Introducing the Stadium! You can compete in 3 different Mutt Disciplines: Solo, 3v3 or 5v5. Feel the roar of the crowd as you prove to … Continue reading Blueprint Module 8 (Part 1 of 3) →
Making Games At CJ Hero

Making Games at Crackerjack!

By Tom Abrahams |August 22, 2015

This post is about how we make games at Crackerjack and what processes we go through when designing games. First off, these principles and beliefs are for a particular set of games: free-to-play and casual games for mobile devices. Our design principles have changed hugely from when we first started making games to where we … Continue reading Making Games at Crackerjack! →
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Blueprint: Module 7

By Tom Abrahams |April 28, 2015

Tired of collecting Mutts but having nothing to do with them?! Bored of getting a new Mutt knowing you don’t even need it?! Well look no further folks! This amazing new “Fusing!” feature will blow your socks off! Now you can put every Mutt to good use! Got a spare Mutt lying around? No problemo … Continue reading Blueprint: Module 7 →
Data Driven Hero

Data Driven Design Process for Digital Games

By Asher Rubinstein |April 22, 2015

This post was written by Asher Rubinstein after completing an internship at Crackerjack. Ash’s contribution was invaluable, executing on a framework to increase the statistical significance of our data. I was recruited by Crackerjack Games to design a robust strategy for the data-driven design (DDD) process. DDD is a design methodology that involves making design decisions based on reliable knowledge of … Continue reading Data Driven Design Process for Digital Games →
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Blueprint: Module 6

By Tom Abrahams |April 9, 2015

Now introducing the Auto Race toggle-able setting. Perfectly suited for a lazy Sunday afternoon or when you need to fight off ninjas while playing Mutt Runners either opr. We also have 2 new speeds in which to race 2X Speed or 4X Speed for the insane Mutt Runner! Sometimes faster is just better!
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Blueprint: Module 5

By Tom Abrahams |March 3, 2015

Introducing the very sleek, the very elegant, the amazing QUESTS! Yes ladies and gentlemen now every day you can complete awesome Quests throughout Mutt Runners and be rewarded with Gems, Gold, K9-ium, Mutt Grabs and more! We have BIG Quests, Little Quests. Quests for little Timmy and Aunt Molly! We promise that there will be … Continue reading Blueprint: Module 5 →
Lessons Learned CJ

Some Lessons Learned

By Richard Rouse |February 15, 2015

Source: Some This is a candid post that analyzes the lessons learned in starting a company and developing games… Broadly speaking, strategy plays two crucial roles for us – firstly to increase the chance of massive success and secondly to succeed in the least amount of time possible. Every company defines success differently. For us, we want … Continue reading Some Lessons Learned →