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Blueprint: Module 4

By Tom Abrahams |December 17, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen we if we could borrow your extremely valuable time for just a moment… ah hem…thank you. Presenting the all new ENERGY SYSTEM! Gone are the days that you had to wait for your Mutts after each race. Now you can race until your heart is content. Play how YOU want to play! … Continue reading Blueprint: Module 4 →
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Blueprint: Module 3

By Tom Abrahams |November 18, 2014

 We had received feedback that some players felt the game play of watching their Mutt’s race was too passive and they wanted some control on how they performed. Well we have out done ourselves this time! Introducing the Sprint! Players can now zip and zoom and race around the track like never before seen in … Continue reading Blueprint: Module 3 →
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Blueprint: Module 2

By Tom Abrahams |October 23, 2014

Having built the world Map it felt like the Mutts and how they leveled up was now too simple. We only had 3 levels and the stats were only 1-10. We wanted to make it so the players were excited to come back and keep playing Mutt Runners and that when they did return there … Continue reading Blueprint: Module 2 →
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Blueprint: Module 1

By Tom Abrahams |July 15, 2014

In Version 0 We realised that once you had fully evolved a Mutt the game felt like it was beaten. We added relay races so you would need not only one prized Mutt but an entire team in order to complete the game! We also added a World Map, Characters and Single player Campaign for … Continue reading Blueprint: Module 1 →
Where are we

Where are we now?

By Richard Rouse |July 14, 2014

After launching our first title, Bar Nuts, we set out to develop Mutt Runners! We were lucky enough secure the highly talented and all round good guy, Dammo, to head up art and animation and got cracking straight away. Within five months we had Mutt Runners Origins (MVP) designed, coded and in the App Store. … Continue reading Where are we now? →
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Blueprint: Module 0

By Tom Abrahams |June 23, 2014

The very first version of Mutt Runners consisted of: A racing track, the ability to race Mutts, 5 Breeds and 3 levels for each Mutt and multi-player.

Mutt Runners Origins launch!

By Richard Rouse |April 24, 2014

RACE, EVOLVE and COLLECT AWESOME MUTTS! Train your Mutts and compete against your FRIENDS in epic races! Download now and be a massive part of what Mutt Runners Origins becomes – tell us what you want and we will deliver! Want your favorite breed – you got it, want campaign mode – you got it, … Continue reading Mutt Runners Origins launch! →

Bar Nuts Launched Globally!

By Richard Rouse |December 8, 2013

  Can you build a bar empire and crown yourself the party king? Bar Nuts is the only game that lets you manage all aspects of a bar: mix your drinks, serve your patrons, personalize your establishment, satisfy drunk and angry patrons, party with your friends and crash their parties.   FEATURES Build an epic … Continue reading Bar Nuts Launched Globally! →

Bar Nuts Coverage and Interview

By Richard Rouse |September 13, 2013

 Check out our interview on Tektime HERE  A big shout out to Ash for the coverage in MX and the interview on Tektime!

Bar Nuts Released in Australia and Canada!

By Tom Abrahams |August 28, 2013

Bar Nuts is now LIVE! Search for “Bar Nuts” in the App store to download it, no need to pay it’s free! Tell your friends about it, tell us what you think at, hopefully you like it as much as we do! Enjoy!