blue print_8

Blueprint: Module 7

By Tom Abrahams |April 28, 2015

blue print_8
Tired of collecting Mutts but having nothing to do with them?! Bored of getting a new Mutt knowing you don’t even need it?!
Well look no further folks! This amazing new “Fusing!” feature will blow your socks off! Now you can put every Mutt to good use! Got a spare Mutt lying around? No problemo now we can fuse that into another Mutt and combine the two so make 1 super Mutt! Thats right Fusing will provide exp any Mutt of your choosing! Fuse to level up faster! Fuse to push the boundaries of your strongest Mutts! or fuse because what the heck, fusing is AWESOME!
Go forth my pretties and FUSE!

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